Site Management

We will oversee operations on a day-to-day basis and ensure that all work is carried out safely, on time and within budget and to the highest quality and standards.

We will take responsibility for a whole site and as site manager, will get things ready by taking on staff and preparing the site, carefully planning the work to be done and installing temporary offices and welfare facilities. Once building begins, the site manager will act as the first point of contact for anyone involved with the site and it’s surrounding area.

While work is taking place, we will monitor progress, oversee delivery of materials and carry out safety checks as well as solving any problems which could hold up work as they arise. We will keep in close contact with members of the site team at all times and liaise with architects, engineers, surveyors and planners to ensure that work complies with building regulations and health and safety legislation as well as other legal requirements.

It is the responsibility of the site manager to make sure that the deadline for completing any works is met, but the client will be updated regularly on progress throughout the project.